Miller PerformArc robotic welder.

By utilizing the latest in robotic weld technology, we are capable of producing a higher quality weld in a shorter period of time, saving you time and money on your project. Robotic welding offers higher weld throughput vs manual welding and weld quality is increased since the margin of human error is removed.

Some of the advantages of robotic welding are:

Speed and efficiency – the output from robotic welders far surpass anything possible from a human and the cycle time is always the same

Increased weld quality - a higher degree of accuracy because the machine will keep working with the same level of attentiveness throughout the project

Enhanced Safety – robotic welders come equipped with a range of safety features to protect people from the welding arc, its temperature and brightness

Less waste –robotic welders operate with a higher degree of accuracy, making fewer mistakes resulting in less waste

The robotic cell will accommodate part sizes of:
12" x 53"
18" x 45"
24" x 30"

The Robotic welder is capable of mig welding mild steel and stainless steel.

Innovative Sheet Metal from Concept to Fabrication

Metal Solutions has determined we are classified as an essential manufacturer and as such we are remaining open and operating at 100%. We are supporting many essential customers with parts used to manufacture their products. We have also started assembling a UV unit that is being used in hospitals throughout the world to kill airborne spread germs. We will continue to support our customers through these challenging times.
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