Metal Solutions Manufacturing During National Crisis

Upper-room Germicidal Ultra Violet Fixture

Metal Solutions is working at 100% capacity filling orders for 15 of our customers that are classified as essential. In addition to making fabricated metal parts, we are helping 1 of our customers (Aeromed Inc) assemble their Upper-room Germicidal Ultra Violet Fixture. Aeromed is a very small company and the demand for these fixtures is much higher than their capacity. The GUV Fixture is used in hospitals for airborne infectious disease control solutions. The UV lights are designed to irradiate air that may be contaminated with bacteria, viruses (including the Coronavirus) or mold, ultimately creating a safer environment for patients and hospital staff. Aeromed has orders from many hospitals throughout the nation and worldwide. Metal Solutions, a small family-owned business, is helping fight against the Coronavirus during this national crisis.

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