MSI ‘s in-house powder coating service offers a high-quality solution at a reasonable cost. Our system is capable of powder coat aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel materials. Our automated system provides an efficient coating process to ensure the best quality coating possible.

Our pre-treatment phase includes a five-stage wash system, creating superior performance and an increased lifespan for the final product. After we dry the material and preheat the parts, they’re ready for powder coat application. We emphasize the importance of setting up everything correctly right from the beginning, so there are never surprises down the road.

The powder is applied in our spray booth using both automatic and manual application for a consistent, quality coat everytime.

Once the powder coat is on the material, the part is heated to a temperature and duration based on the chemistry of the powder and density of the coat. This successfully melts and fuses the powder for a finish that will continue to look great long after it’s delivered to your customers.


800 ft automated line

5 stage pre-treatment

Dry-off and curing ovens

Automated coating booth

Manual booth for large and small jobs along with drop-ins

Inspection and packaging straight off the line

Zero discharge wastewater reclamation system

Maximum part size 24”x 54”x 96”


We use only the best Quality Brands for our powders 

Innovative Sheet Metal from Concept to Fabrication

Metal Solutions has determined we are classified as an essential manufacturer and as such we are remaining open and operating at 100%. We are supporting many essential customers with parts used to manufacture their products. We have also started assembling a UV unit that is being used in hospitals throughout the world to kill airborne spread germs. We will continue to support our customers through these challenging times.
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