Who We Are

Metal Solutions, Inc. is recognized as a premier employer and the leader in providing products and innovative manufacturing solutions to companies and organizations who demand the highest levels of quality and service.

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From small beginnings to expert innovations

Metal Solutions, Inc., formerly New Hartford Sheet Metal, has been in operation since 1954. The company was started in a small garage in New Hartford by Joseph Cattadoris Sr. and Henry Niemczyk, with only $800 in capital and equipment.

A Major CNY Manufacturer

In 1959 the company moved its operations to East Utica to expand and be closer to major customers and suppliers. Over the next decade, New Hartford Sheet Metal became known as a major HVAC fabricator in the central New York area.

As the regional expansion slowed in the 1970s, the company shifted its focus toward supplying the area’s large industrial customers with custom fabricated products used in their production process. In 1983, the two original partners split and Joe Cattadoris Jr. was brought in as a minority shareholder and full-time employee under the wing of Joe Sr.

The last major shift took place in the 1990s. With the need for process related products on the decline, the company seized an opportunity to produce component parts for a local manufacturer of mass transit buses. After that acquisition, New Hartford Sheet Metal fully transitioned as the manufacturer of component parts for a wide variety of other industries including mass transit trains, air conditioning, refrigeration, metal cabinetry and furniture, lighting, and air filtration among others.

Foundation for Success

In 1996, Joe Cattadoris Jr. assumed the role of President and continues his leadership position as President today.

An emphasis is placed on strong relationships, as many of its current customers, suppliers, and employees have been with the company for decades. Although the company changed its name to Metal Solutions, Inc. in June 2010, its ownership, personnel, structure, operations, and goals, which have been the foundation of its success, remain unchanged.

Since its transition to manufacturing component parts, Metal Solutions has achieved steady growth in business, with a tenfold increase in sales and the number of employees. Grounded in the Utica, NY area with the purchase of its facility, Metal Solutions occupies 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space, operates on two shifts, and uses state of the art Trumpf machinery, including Laser technology.

Since 2005, the company has employed the principles and techniques of Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Process Improvement, which have since become ingrained in its culture and critical in sustaining Metal Solutions' mission.

In 2014, the company became ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Vision Statement

Metal Solutions, Inc. will align itself with individuals and organizations who share in the commitment to excellence and the philosophy of providing exceptional value, continuous learning, environmental consciousness and developing long-term relationships. We will operate in an environment where our investment in employee satisfaction and providing unparalleled service and innovative manufacturing solutions is returned by improved profitability and success for all.

Industry Certifications

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Innovative Sheet Metal from Concept to Fabrication

Metal Solutions has determined we are classified as an essential manufacturer and as such we are remaining open and operating at 100%. We are supporting many essential customers with parts used to manufacture their products. We have also started assembling a UV unit that is being used in hospitals throughout the world to kill airborne spread germs. We will continue to support our customers through these challenging times.
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